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How to Create the Ultimate Multi-Modal UC Experience

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Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70%+ of digital business initiatives will require IT leaders to monitor, manage and report on the business metrics from digital experience, up from less than 15% today.
In today’s increasingly hybrid work environments business success and user productivity can be directly traced to the ability of enterprise systems to create visual and voice experiences which work in harmony and seamlessly behind the scenes. Cognitive overload (for both information workers and end customers) must be carefully monitored and managed to reduce end-user effort. Simplifying hardware and collaboration platform selection and interop, meticulously mining business insights to create automated workflows, and streamlining service center interactions all play key roles in creating the ultimate multi-model UC experience.

  • How are Call Centers evolving into WFA (work from anywhere) service centers?
  • What is the ideal definition, layout, and strategy for post-pandemic office meeting rooms?
  • What is Experience Parity and how is in an invaluable part of the new UC definition?
  • What makes a great multi-modal UC experience?
  • How should business logic and automated workflows be leveraged to improve UC and Collaboration platform ROI?

Join us to learn about the new emerging multi-modal UC redefinition of optimized user experiences in the age of hybrid work.

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