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A Microsoft Teams Security and Governance Checklist

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Managing the Balance of Collaboration Effectiveness and Security Risk Exposure

Collaboration platforms have experienced an unprecedented increase in adoption and usage among enterprise users over the course of the last year. By late 2020, Microsoft reported 115 million daily active users – logging over 30 billion collaboration minutes.

This rapid growth is presenting system performance challenges, putting stress on IT departments and causing panic among operation leaders. Enterprises today are gravely lacking oversight over collaboration platforms, and are becoming increasingly exposed to potential data loss, breach penalties, and compliance failures as a result due to the lack of lifecycle management tools. Microsoft Teams poses specific challenges when it comes to security governance, due to interdependencies on other Microsoft 365 solutions and settings.

This eBook covers the foundations of collaboration security and governance for Microsoft Teams, including:

  • How to evolve from reactive to proactive governance
  • The scalability, flexibility, and manageability governance framework
  • A seven-item governance checklist for Microsoft Teams
  • How a governance partner can help secure Microsoft Teams


Download the eBook to to discover how your enterprise can establish critical security and governance controls needed to reduce risk in Teams and other collaboration tools.

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