Reduce Opex Costs with the Right Management Tools

How Management Tools Reduce Opex Costs and Provide Benefits Across the Board

For the third straight year, Nemertes research documents that large companies reduce opex costs by 43% with performance management tools, and 65% in implementation costs with administration tools. What’s more, employee productivity jumps from 16% to 21% when collaboration tools are well managed and working properly. As companies deploy an increasing number of collaboration and communications platforms, driven by emerging team collaboration suites, managing performance becomes more challenging without the right management capabilities.

What We’ll Cover:

– When should I evaluate tools & which type do I need?

– Why do management tools help to lower my opex & implementation costs?

– How do performance tools affect productivity, and how is that measured?

– Which management vendors have the biggest impact on productivity?

– Why does the use of management tools correlate with better satisfaction of UC overall?

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