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Zoom is the leader in the video conferencing space and is poised to jump  to a leadership position in cloud phone calling. Unify Square’s full set of Zoom Phone System targeted offerings provide the on-ramp, as well as the ongoing 24×7 hand-holding to ensure Zoom calling success for your enterprise.

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Zoom Phone Is A Straightforward Cloud-Calling Solution
Designed For Zoom Users.

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Monitoring, Analytics & Management for Zoom

How do you figure out if or when to standardize on a full Zoom platform (across the enterprise) vs creating a hybrid solution between Zoom and another platform?

Your deployment reports “healthy” within the native Zoom Admin console, but your users are still complaining about video and/or voice issues.

Zoom just works – until it doesn’t, as your deployment grows in size. Discovering the root cause of poor conferences and calls across a mountain of data is difficult. Where do you focus first?

How do you set-up and configure your SBC’s (using Zoom’s BYOC framework) to best leverage existing PSTN trunks and/or to align with new carrier options?

Zoom Phone System

Start Your Zoom Phone Journey Now

A customized consulting engagement to help guide you through your UC transformation decisions, architecting and deployment.

Bespoke monitoring and troubleshooting software to take your organization above and beyond the native Zoom admin experience.

Our 24×7 Zoom Phone hand-holding with our cloud managed service. Our experts can detect and solve a problem before your end-user has a chance to notice those issues. 

Zoom Phone System Management Tool

When it comes to every day troubleshooting of Zoom Phone System issues, where do you start? The PowerSuite Insights Center leverages advanced machine learning to expose the highest impact problems with actionable guidance on how to solve them. If there’s a suspect subnet, you’ll know. You no longer have to wade through oceans of data to identify problems: PowerSuite will show you these issues before your users start complaining.  Request a Demo!

  • Zoom Phone Help Desk
  • Zoom Phone Problem Management
  • Executive Support for Zoom Phone
  • Zoom Phone Usage and Adoption
Reduce Zoom Phone System troubleshooting time and improve end-user satisfaction by providing actionable and prescriptive guidance regarding various usage and adoption issues.

PowerSuite discovers and prioritizes all issues affecting Zoom Phone.  Using advanced Anomaly Detection PowerSuite detects and solve problems before end-users get a chance to see them.  This intuitive system allows IT to assign and track remediation efforts.

PowerSuite tracks the conferencing Zoom Phone experience of executives or other VIPs in a centralized dashboard. This allows to determine  who on the call is creating the poor experience, and how best to address and resolve the issue. The dashboard also enables a direct drill-down into PowerSuite Help Desk dashboard for further Zoom Phone troubleshooting.

PowerSuite provides detailed analytics for Zoom Phone. Track trends in usage over easily selectable time windows and determine the impact of adoption interventions.

Make the Jump from the Zoom Admin Console​

Join other F500 enterprises who have ditched their native UC management experience in favor of PowerSuite.

Zoom Phone System
Zoom Admin Experience PowerSuite


Data displayed without reference points highlights and prioritize problems AND follows through with the remediation process
Highlights and prioritize problems AND follows through with the remediation process


Binary view choice for either Zoom Conferencing or Zoom Phone
Reports across Zoom calls & conferences, as well as across other UC platforms


One size fits all
Filters by geography, by department, by wired vs wireless, by internal vs external, etc. to dig deeper to the root cause of an issue.

End User Focus

Focus is more on the call vs the user

Learn how PowerSuite, our industry-leading solution can improve your Zoom Phone System experiences for your users and exec alike.

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