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COVID-19 has changed the IT strategy for most organizations from ‘cloud-first’ to a ‘cloud now’. With Workstream Collaboration now layered on top of Unified Communications and vast numbers of employees working from home (WFM), IT finds themselves more challenged than ever. Our Cloud Consulting Services will help you optimize your cloud deployments for both unified communications and workstream collaboration.

If you have yet to make the full move our cloud migration services will help you optimize your UC and Collaboration deployments – helping you deliver a significant boost in ROI and user satisfaction. We can also contribute best practices to enhance your hybrid strategy to balance the needs of the WFH employees, with the demands of the employees returning to the office.

cloud consulting services

Cloud Consulting Signature Services

Unify Square Signature Cloud Consulting Services will guide you through these changing times and resolve issues at every point along the way. We have created these services to help move companies to the cloud, or if you are already migrated to the cloud, we will help you get the most out of your communication and collaboration ecosystem.

UC to UCaaS transformation assistance

Turn-key pilot service for Cloud Phone

Expert Advice & Architecting for UCaaS systems

Workshop the security blindspots in your system

Expert Advice & Security Best Practices for Collab Platforms

Answers & Strategy for a long-term Hybrid UC scenarios

Multiple bespoke professional services options

Cloud Migration Services

Successfully Move and Optimize for the Cloud

In the wake of COVID-19, with so many employees working from home (WFH), bandwidth and capacity requirements have dramatically shifted in the last few months. It’s become clear that with poor Wi-Fi connections combined with unsupported headsets, WFH employees can wreak havoc on your cloud deployments.

This prolonged WFH situation and an uncertain return to the office plan means that many companies are accelerating their shift from on-prem deployments and moving everyone to the cloud. Our many cloud migration services help in particular scenarios with your cloud phone, conferencing, collaboration risk, and remote readiness. If these don’t work for your specific requirements, then we can create something for your needs.

cloud consulting services

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How to Successfully Transition to Cloud Communications

2020 has made it clear that cloud communications are no longer optional — it's now business imperative. Yet, Gartner reports 89% of customers still face major performance issues with their cloud-based services.

Key Topics Covered Include How To:

Our Cloud Consulting Team

Cloud Migration Services ensure a successful cloud UC deployment

It doesn’t matter if you have just made the decision to deploy Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any number of collaborations and communications you will almost certainly need assistance and expertise to help you. Our expert cloud consulting services offer you the technical experience to establish and optimize your platforms across your organization. 

Professional Certifications

  • PMO Professional Certifications
  • Consulting Professional Certifications
  • Microsoft Partner Competencies

Which Platform is Right for You?

Deciding Between Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Others?

If you haven’t decided on which cloud platform to move to then we have the perfect guide for you. We decided to bring the information you need together in one place. As independent experts, we break down key features of the top UC and collaboration platforms to help you make an educated purchasing decision.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Communications Transformation

When it comes time to migrate to a new Unified Communication (UC) or Collaboration platform, it can be difficult for IT to juggle the pressure and complexity tied to a tight timeline and budget. The Cloud Communications Transformation (CCT) service is a proven programmatic process that handles transformations from an older UC system to a new UCaaS cloud-phone system. Our experienced cloud consultants will create a migration plan and lead you through all the implementation steps.

Depending on the needs of your transformation, the service may include one or more of the following: voice integration, Direct Routing/Premise Peering carrier configurations & architecting, DID porting, SBC configurations, analog gateway configurations, and network readiness

One of the newest cloud consulting services, CCT is designed to help IT rapidly migrate users, while supporting technology systems with optimum performance.

The following different transformations
and migrations are supported:
cloud consulting services

Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams or Zoom

cloud consulting services

Cisco or Avaya to Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Cloud Consulting

Slack to Microsoft Teams

Applicable platforms:
cloud consulting services

Zoom Platform

cloud migration services

Microsoft Teams Platform

Cloud Phone Jumpstart

When making the move to a new Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform it can often be helpful to get a little ‘jumpstart.’ 

Jumpstart, one of our cloud consulting services assists organizations with a quick set-up and mini-pilot to begin testing and evaluating your Zoom or Microsoft Teams platform of choice. This service provides: 

  • A carrier-hosted virtual SBC implementation of either Direct Routing (Microsoft Teams) or Premise-Peering (Zoom)
  • Up to 50 users with DIDs/phone numbers
  • DID porting plan/strategy
  • Standard design documentation
  • Standard migration FAQs

Unified Communications RightTrack

No matter the level of IT subject matter expertise related to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, or Microsoft 365, it can still be difficult to plot the optimal course forward. Our Microsoft Teams and Zoom expert cloud consultants will assess your current video conferencing and/or cloud-voice specific situation and business goals.  Next, we will apply industry and Unify Square best practices to develop a customized, ready-for-execution approach unique to your environment. 

The Unified Communications (UC) RightTrack is our ‘catch-all’ cloud consulting service designed to help answer many different UC questions: 

  • How do I evaluate the pros/cons/trade-offs from both a business case (ROI) as well as a technical case to help me choose my next cloud UC platform: Microsoft Teams vs Cisco Webex Teams vs Zoom?
  • What are the key migration considerations when moving from Cisco or Avaya to Microsoft Teams or Zoom?
  • What are the different technical architecting, 3rd party add-on products (software and hardware) and support considerations to consider once having chosen the new platform?
Applicable platforms:
cloud migration services

Microsoft Teams Platform

Cisco Platform

cloud consulting services

Zoom Platform

Google Meet Platform

Skype for Business Platform

Avaya Platform

Applicable platforms:
cloud consulting services

Zoom Platform

cloud migration services

Microsoft Teams Platform

Collaboration Security Risk Assessment Service

Are you concerned that your current collaboration governance posture and policies may be putting your organization at risk?  Our Collaboration Security & Governance Assessment Service will be conducted in the form of a workshop which will provide you with a comprehensive audit of your current governance structure.

The workshop will result in an overview compliance report, as well as a top-level plan providing recommendations for modification of existing policies, adding new policies, and adjustments to collaboration platform security settings. 

The audit will focus primarily on the following: 

  • Existing governance structures
  • Existing platform policies
  • Group lifecycle settings (including Azure Directory and/or Microsoft 365 settings, if applicable)
  • Platform settings

Collaboration Security & Governance RightTrack

With the introduction of collaboration to your overall communications stack, there are many additional considerations IT and InfoSec teams need to keep in mind. With increased collaboration and visibility, it’s important to also continue to reduce risk exposure.

The Collaboration Security RightTrack™, one of our cloud consulting services, focuses on managing the balance between collaboration and security for organizations using Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  To do this, our consultants help teams create a collaboration information map that will lead to a living policy model for stakeholders. 

The resulting map and policy model can then be easily applied to the creation of collaboration security policies and regular governance reviews and audits. The end goal is to increase InfoSec awareness relating to the collaboration workloads without limiting the productivity benefits of workstream collaboration applications.  

Applicable platforms:
cloud consulting services

Zoom Platform

cloud migration services

Microsoft Teams Platform

Applicable platforms:
cloud consulting services

Zoom Platform

cloud migration services

Microsoft Teams Platform

Skype for Business Platform

Return to the Office Readiness Service

With most employees working from home, deployment and operations of UCaaS conferencing and collaboration systems have been fairly straightforward. However, as the RTO (return to the office) process commences organizations are seeing complex usage scenarios emerge. Unique hybrid scenarios mixing WFH, office worker and remote (non-home) workers create unanticipated media quality and collaboration challenges.   

One of our newest cloud consulting services, our RTO Readiness Service helps you game out an optimized strategy and best practices for UC/WSC platform health that is customized for your environment. The output of this service is a set of top-line analytics, the guidelines/recommendations for how to tune your entire environment (from home office, to office conference room, to room system, to network) to help ensure your team is ready for business success with your collaboration and/or UC platform deployment.   

An optional add-on to this service is a network (in-office) Wi-Fi Assessment to test and measure for: signal strength, latency, jitter, packet loss, same channel overlap, audio quality degradation, and connected access. 

Bespoke Consulting

At Unify Square, we understand that your needs may not fit neatly into any one of our above packaged signature services. With Bespoke Consulting, our certified experts can create a customized service to help you tackle any challenge. Whether it’s to plan, deploy, adopt, operate, evolve, or even upgrade your existing unified communications or workstream collaboration software, we’ve got a team that can help.

By leveraging our expertise to help assess your communications and collaboration roadmap, you’ll be able to excel across the board: strategy and design, implementation and deployment, user experience, or even analytics and operations. Unify Square’s consulting services provide health and stability insurance, scalable operational efficiency, improved end user adoption, and significant cost savings. 

Frequently Requested Services

Platform Comparison and Analysis

Business Case (TCO/ROI) Analysis

UC Enablement

Adoption & Change Management

Custom Reporting

Telephony Services (endpoint devices, e911, DR, calling plans, special use cases)

Conferecing Services (large events, legacy room integration, Zoom/Teams/Legacy Room Systems)

We offer more than Cloud Migration Services – we offer software too! The unique PowerSuite technology provides an expansive single-pane view, spanning over six different application platforms from four different industry-leading software vendors.  View all platforms.

Cloud Consulting Services

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It doesn’t matter if you have just decided to deploy Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any number of collaborations and communications; you will almost certainly need assistance and expertise to help you. Either way, our expert cloud consulting services offer you the technical experience to establish and optimize your platforms across your organization.  It doesn’t matter if you are deploying on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution our consultants can help.
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